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DS220j is an entry-level 2-bay NAS designed for home and personal users to store and share photos, videos, and documents. The private cloud solution is powered by the award-winning DiskStation...
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Giới thiệu Thiết bị lưu trữ qua mạng DiskStation DS220j - Hàng Nhập Khẩu


64-bit 4-core 1.4 GHz


More than 112 MB/s reading and writing1

Safe storage

RAID 1 protection to avoid sudden drive failure

Cost savings

No public-cloud subscription fees


Synology's comprehensive multi-version backup solutions protect your digital assets on computers (Windows/Mac) and mobile phones (Android/iOS) against malicious attacks, including the rising threat from encryption-based ransomware.


Turn your Synology NAS into a home media hub and stream your digital content to your favorite electronic devices, including computers, mobile devices, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and DLNA devices.


Storage management is easy with Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology. SHR is an automated RAID management system that allows you to easily create and expand storage volumes and migrate RAID types without requiring details on the RAID setup. SHR provides 1-disk redundancy to safeguard your data in case of drive failures.


SHR maximizes the data capacity of your RAID when different size HDDs are used

Easy Management

For new users with limited technical knowledge who want to protect their data using RAID technology, a convenient installation wizard will guide you through all the steps during your first installation.


Add new disks on the fly in Storage Manager with a simple click


While creating a volume, choose to plan ahead and leave empty or unallocated space for future use


Synology mobile applications are designed to give you quick and secure access to your data wherever you are.



  1. Performance figures may vary depending on environment, usage, and configuration.

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Thông tin chi tiết

Thương hiệuSynology
Xuất xứ thương hiệuĐài Loan
Kích thước165 mm x 100 mm x 225.5 mm
Dung lượng ổ cứng32 TB (16 TB drive x 2) (Capacity may vary by RAID types)
Xuất xứĐài Loan
Trọng lượng0.88 kg