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Giới thiệu Tay Cầm Chơi Game Có Dây Cổng Usb Cho Xbox 360

Brand: Neutral
Model model: Pc360
Source category:
Type of commodity: New
Console accessories type: Game rocker
Interface type: Usb
Mode of vibration: Vibrations
Applicable products: Pc
Material: Abs
Number of persons applied: 1-2
Video games classification: Entry level
Applicable age group: 10-30
Product color: White, black

Usb xbox360, strengthen the sense of hand. Pc computer、 98/xp/win7/win8

Note: Xbox360

I: Product characteristics

1: Built-in double vibration motor, take you into the real game experience.

2: The handle button is used as the button, increased comfort of handle, accuracy, sensitivity.

3: Use crystal mask button, while durable, the upper stage of the handle is reflected.
4: Cross key of disk direction, orientation is more accurate. 360 3d, concave design feels comfortable and sensitive

Ii.: Description of handle function

The internal vibration motors, can show fine vibration effect
Usb1.1/2.0/3.0, support hot-pull plug Rated working current (General status、 state of vibration): Static maximum 35ma、 vibration maximum 150ma
Handle supports direct-xr command classes
Handle handle with digital、 analogy between two operating modes
High quality double motor with handle, strong sense of vigor
8, double simulated control rod
Anthropoengineering design of handles, feel comfortable in games
2 12, design of circular direction key
Handles are suitable for sports games, for example, live football、 fifa football、 keys are required for games such as flying cars
The handle direction key is four directional design, flexible operation, feel comfortable, don 't feel part of your finger fatigue due to long games
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